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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time is provided for testing?
    Typically four hours are provided for setting up and welding the two coupons.
  • Can I bring my own welding stinger?
    Yes, you can bring and use your own stinger, of you want to. However, we have Stingers at the facility.
  • Before I take the test, I want to practice for a few hours? Is this possible? What is the cost?
    Yes, this is possible. You can reserve one four hour session for practice.The cost for four hour practice session is $500.00.
  • There are five welders in our fabrication shop. Can we take the test at our fabrication shop?
    Yes. For five and above welders, our inspector shall visit your facility, and administer the test at your location – without any additional surcharge. The inspector brings the certified plates and backing bars. In this case, you must provide the following additional equipment/ consumables:

    A Safe Working Area

    Welding machine capable of 250 amps minimum

    Fixtures for clamping test plate in position

    Means of pre-heating plates, if required

    Rod oven capable of holding 30 lbs of welding rods

    E 7018 MR Electrodes along with Certificate

    Mechanical Wire Wheel, Chipping Hammer, Wire Brush

  • There are three welders in our fabrication shop. Can we take the test at our fabrication shop?
    Yes. For less than five welders tested at your location, we charge an additional $650.00. All other provisions of note 3 above apply.
  • How much time before I can take a re-test?
    This is governed by AWS QC7 Supplement G and AWS D1.1 – the code per which the tests are administered.
    Immediate Re-test: If the weld failed in visual examination, an immediate re-test can be administered. An immediate retest consists of two welds of each type and positionthat the welder failed. All retest specimens shall meet allof the specified test requirements and acceptance criteriaas the original test weld.
    Retest After Further Training or Practice. Aretest may be made, provided there is documented evidencethat the welder has had further training or practice.A complete retest of the types and positions failed shallbe made.
  • Do you administer the test on Saturdays?
    Yes. The cost to administer the test on Saturday is $800 for the 3G+4G test.
  • How much time does it take to find out if I passed?
    It takes us three to five business days depending on the laboratory workload.
  • How long before you send the results to AWS?What happens after I pass the test?
    As soon as the coupon testing is completed, we prepare the reports and send all the documentation to AWS via UPS.
  • How much time before I get my AWS Certifications?
    Once the results are sent by us to the American Welding Society, it can take AWS up to six weeks to issue your welding certificate. We recommend that you follow-up with AWS approximately two weeks after the test for the status of your certification.
  • How do I get my NYC License once I get the AWS Card?
    Please visit the following links for details on NYC Welder Certification Process.